Welcome Letter

Dear Reader,


Welcome to Yours Truly Music. I’m Sonia Amodeo, here to guide you through this journey of musical exploration and discussion.


I’ve been going to shows and writing about music since I was twelve years old. While all my friends were shopping at the mall, I was listening to Zep and Floyd —and developing a refined taste for rock, blues, and all things that jam or groove. I’m excited to now have this platform to document my life-long musical voyage.

Ultimately, my greatest goal is to share my love of music with the world.


Music has the power to connect people with their thoughts, emotions, and others around them. It can help people grow, learn, and mature. But most importantly, music brings people joy. I hope to bring this joy to you.

I want to inspire you to connect with new songs and find different ways of appreciating the old ones. I want you to feel as good as I do when I hear my favorite song. And I want to open your minds to interactive musical discoveries.

Now enough about that, let’s get started already!

Yours Truly,

Sonia Amodeo

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