NEW ARRANGEMENT: Interrobang, for mixed dectet | 11.1.14

A new arrangement of INTERROBANG is now available. Click here.

NEW VIDEO: Sun, for a cappella choir | 10.14.14

I just received the video from the premier of my choral piece, SUN. Performed by the FPC Chamber Choir. Watch.

SEMI-FINALIST: American Prize – Chamber Music Division | 9.22.14

My fifth string quartet, OUTSIDE THE EYES, has been named a semi-finalist in the 2014 American Prize for Composition. Read more.

REVIEW: Northwest Resonance | 9.21.14

A very nice review of Northwest Resonance and my percussion duet, FANTASY IN METAL, has been posted in OR Arts Watch. Read more.

CALL FOR SCORES SELECTION: Two Miniatures | 9.15.14

My sax quartet, TWO MINIATURES, has been chosen by the Very Small Consortium for their fall concert series.

NEW ARRANGEMENT: Scherzo, for string quartet | 9.5.14

A new arrangement of SCHERZO is now available. Click here.

WEBSITE UPDATE: New Performances Page | 8.30.14

I added a new page dedicated to all past, present, and upcoming performances of my music. Read more.

BLOG: Artistic Entrepreneurship | 8.29.14

At the three-quarters mark, this has proven to be a very productive year thus far. Read more.

NEW RECORDINGS: Fantasy in Metal | 8.18.14

I just obtained the live video and audio from Saturday’s NORTHWEST RESONANCE concert. Read more.

PREVIEW: Northwest Resonance Concert | 8.13.14

Brett Campbell wrote a lovely little preview for my upcoming concert, NORTHWEST RESONANCE.  Read more.


My second choral piece, SUN, has been selected by Cascadia Composers to be premiered during their fall Celebration Works concert series. Read more.

NEW ARRANGEMENT: Toccata Lot of Nerve, for solo guitar | 6.20.14

A new solo arrangement of my guitar quartet is now available. Click here!

WEBSITE UPDATE: Catalog Overhaul | 6.12.14

I just did a major overhaul of my catalog page. Now EACH PIECE has it’s own unique page with lots of relevant info.  Check it out!

NEW PIECE: Percussion Duet Completed | 5.20.14

A lot has been going on and consequently my already limited attention-span has been drastically reduced. Read more

NEW COMMISSION: Duet for Percussion | 4.25.14

I’m a bit late announcing this, but I’ve begun a new work for Seattle’s RE:Percussion Duo which will receive its premier in mid-August at the Community Music Center. Read more.

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