WEBSITE UPDATE: New Performances Page | 8.30.14

I added a new page dedicated to all past, present, and upcoming performances of my music.  Check it out!

BLOG: Artistic Entrepreneurship | 8.29.14

At the three-quarters mark, this has proven to be a very productive year thus far. I’ve organized two concerts, one of which involved multiple cities and ensembles, the other was my first entirely self-produced gig, and I was re-elected to the governing board of Cascadia Composers for another two years, among other things. All of this has caused me to reflect on how one forges one’s path in this artistic medium. Read more.

NEW RECORDINGS: Fantasy in Metal | 8.18.14

I just obtained and edited the live video and audio from Saturday’s NORTHWEST RESONANCE concert. Read more.

PREVIEW: Northwest Resonance Concert | 8.13.14

Brett Campbell wrote a lovely little preview for my upcoming concert, NORTHWEST RESONANCE.  Read more.


My second choral piece, Sun, has been selected by Cascadia Composers to be premiered during their fall Celebration Works concert series.

NEW ARRANGEMENT: Toccata Lot of Nerve, for solo guitar | 6.20.14

A new solo arrangement of my guitar quartet is now available. Click here!

WEBSITE UPDATE: Catalog Overhaul | 6.12.14

I just did a major overhaul of my catalog page. Now EACH PIECE has it’s own unique page with lots of relevant info.  Check it out!

NEW PIECE: Percussion Duet Completed | 5.20.14

A lot has been going on and consequently my already limited attention-span has been drastically reduced. There’s a new job potentially happening, a new collaboration that may call for a new piece with Cascadia Composers, some arranging work for Steam Radio Syndicate… etc, etc. All good things, in the end. Read more

NEW COMMISSION: Duet for Percussion | 4.25.14

I’m a bit late announcing this, but I’ve begun a new work for Seattle’s RE:Percussion Duo which will receive its premier in mid-August at the Community Music Center. Read more.

BLOG: First new piece of the year: DONE | 3.15.14

Finished my first new work of the year; a set of two easy pieces for solo piano. Read more.

PREVIEW: Inaugural Concert | 3.3.14

“Composers and musicians from opposite ends of the Willamette will celebrate new connections between two river communities when the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE) and the Contemporary Portland Orchestra Project (CPOP) join forces for a March Music Moderne concert on March 8 at Portland’s AudioCinema studios. Read more.


I’m very happy to announce that the upcoming “Inaugural Assembly” concert has been awarded a Project Grant from New Music USA!

The project

[Note: Location and benificiary of concert has changed, but the essence remains the same.]

The full details can be read here.

REVIEW | 2.8.14

Portland composer Jay Derderian’s austere [REDACTED] for electric viola and tape sounded the most up to date, not least because of its birth during the recent National Security Agency privacy intrusion scandal and its consequently ominous atmosphere, produced by the viola’s raspier timbres and pitch bending. Like others on both programs, its length exceeded its ideas, but the probing music offered a piercing contrast to the surrounding pieces. “ Read more.

Brett CampbellOregon Arts Watch

BLOG: One Month In | 1.28.14

I’m very optimistic that this will be a great year, and so far I’ve been proven right. Read more.

BLOG: Movin’ on up. | 11.4.13

As of a few weeks ago I am officially on the governing board of Cascadia Composers. I’m really excited to serve this fine organization and be able to contribute to its growth and development. Read more.

BLOG: Orchestras and New Rep. | 8.15.13

NPR Posted a very interesting article on American orchestras and their relationship (or lack thereof) with new music.

Check it out here

I was pretty intrigued by it and the author raised a number of interesting points. Namely, that the idea has been passed down in modern composition departments that it’s a futile endeavor to write a large orchestral piece.  The argument is mainly from a practical standpoint; orchestras are big, unwieldy beasts, and the costs of rehearsal time and performances almost completely outweigh the opportunity of in-depth exploration for both the orchestra and the composer. It’s unfortunate we’ve arrived at this point, but there it is. Read more.

BLOG: Upcoming Projects | 6.13.13

Many new things are starting to happen, but they are all currently in the early conceptual stages. Here’s a brief over-view of some current and potential upcoming projects (all of which I’ll write about in more detail as they come nearer).  Read more.

BLOG: On Listening to New Music | 5.14.13

There was an interesting article posted on Allclassical FM‘s Facebook page today, asking “How are we to listen to New Music?” The article goes on to interview a composer asking if there’s more to “get” in New Music.

I think the best way to approach “new music” is to think about how it was conceived within the context it was written in. Read more.

NEW RECORDING: Outside the Eyes | 4.2.13

Just received a copy of the live recording made from the New Ideas in Music concertListen

BLOG: On Rehearsing | 3.11.13

Soon I’ll be working directly with Third Angle on my string quartet; the first open rehearsal of my piece will be this Friday. It’s starting to get very, very real. Read more.

UPCOMING EVENTS: March Music Moderne 2013 | 3.11.13

March Music Moderne launched last week and has an incredible schedule of events planned for this year. So much to hear, so little time. Read more.

BLOG: On My Fifth String Quartet | 2.22.13

Many composers write their pieces as solutions to problems or questions they pose for themselves, and I’m no exception. Nearly every piece I’ve written has been an attempt at approaching some sort of dilemma I’ve conjured up from who knows where. The problem (or question) could be a kind of formal shape, a rhythmic pattern, a harmonic idea… you name it. My fifth string quartet, Outside the Eyes, written for the Third Angle New Music Ensemble, will encompass a number of ideas, questions, and challenges I’ve put forward for myself, some of which I’ve been carrying around for many years and a few I’ve developed especially for this occasion. Read more.

BLOG: It is done. | 2.8.13

Written between October and December of 2012 with edits and revisions happening even up to last night, my fifth string quartet, Outside the Eyes, is officially done. All I have left to do is finish making the parts. Read more.

FINALIST: New Ideas in Music, 2013. | 2.1.13

I’ve been selected as a finalist in this year’s New Ideas in Music Composition Competition!

I’ll be doing a series of posts about the progress of my fifth string quartet, Outside The Eyes, for the competition’s website. This piece has been one of the biggest compositional challenges I’ve set forward for myself, and I’m very excited to be working with the Third Angle New Music Ensemble. Read more.


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